Class Pricing

We will now be offering 4 Week, 4 Class Enrollments.

Here is what you need to know.

  1. Classes will be sold 4 weeks, 4 classes for $88.00
  2. Every 4 weeks new 4 new classes will be charged
  3. Additional classes may be purchased on the App or through the Online Schedule
  4. Use any payment of classes to Book In Studio
  5. Track your available classes available on our Website
  6. You may pause your new enrollments at any time.  Please call us 15 days before your next payment to insure we can make the adjustment
  7. Makeups will work the same.  If you book a class and miss for any reason we will mark you absent.  You may schedule a Makeup through the studio as long as you are currently enrolled and have not “Paused” you enrollment.

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