Creation Station offers Fun, Magical, Dance Classes for Kids 16 Month to 16 Years!

Why you will love Creation Station Dance

Birthday Parties

Creation Station parties highlight your child as the “star”, but are also completely interactive with all of the party guests! The parties generally run 2 hours and include an art project, tons of interactive dance games, time for refreshments and cake and loads of giggles!

Creation Station To Go

At Creation Station we have developed “CS To Go” in order to bring our unique classes to your school, organization, or any outside facility that would like to experience the magic of Creation Station but can’t come to us! We can tailor a class to your group’s needs that will maintain the curriculum and integrity of the famous Creation Station format. Depending on the location and the needs of your facility, we can offer any of our programming that suits you. We will supply the teaching staff, props, music and curriculum. You supply the room, (storage in some instances), and advertising.

Franchise Opportunities

The 23 year development of the Creation Station program and superb training of our associates have proven to be keys to the success of its licensed partners. Future Creation Station Ownership and Partnerships will become available pending local regulatory certification. If your dream is to enjoy an incredibly fun and rewarding career, while enriching the lives of children and building your own sound financial future, you’ve found the right place.

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  • If you have a budding Baryshnikov on your hands, get your child some dance shoes and head to Reebok Sports Club NY for Creation Station Ballet/Tap class." "The tiny dancers learn the fundamentals, but also get to express their own creativity in movement, aided by magical and inspiring props.

    Shani R. Friedman The Coolest Exercise Classes in Town
  • Judy Carmen and Creation Station not only give 100% of their love and support to their children, they continue to give with their hearts and generosity to those children less fortunate. We at Starlight are proud to be associated with Judy and Creation Station.

    Liz Greenspan The Starlight Children's Foundation
  • Just one of the great things about Creation Station is watching my children learn to love to dance in a nurturing, encouraging and wildly creative environment. I watch them looking in the mirror feeling so good about themselves.

    Michelle Nicastro Mother and Children's Recording Artist
  • Our entire family loves the Creation Station, it teaches focus & discipline and that's just for the parents to get them to class on time. Seriously, both our daughters are learning Flexibility, Balance & Grace. Isn't that what we are all trying to do, be flexible enough to balance life gracefully

    Anita Barone Mother and Actress
  • My 3-year-old, Finnegan, loves his dance class at Creation Station. He's always showing me some fancy tap move he learned. His class did a routine to Uptown Girl, which was hysterical, and weeks later, as we're driving on the freeway, the tune comes on the radio, and he screams, 'Hey, that's my song!' I nearly drove off the road.

    Eric McCormack Father and Actor
  • When my husband and I surprised my 3 year-old daughter with the news that we were taking her to Disney World she cheered then turned to me with serious concern and asked, 'but do I have to miss dance class?!!' Needless to say. we shortened our vacation and scheduled our flight to leave AFTER ballet

    Belinda Amaya Najera Behavioral Specialist and Mom