Creation Station Dance offers Fun Dance Classes for Kids.  Ballet, Tap, and Hip Hop and more for Toddlers to Teens 16 Months to 16 Years.

All of the classes at Creation Station reflect a commitment to promoting high self esteem. They entertain as well as educate and most of all, allow every child to be just that – a child! Creation Station takes a developmental approach to teaching. We have realistic and age-appropriate expectations for children. Our classes begin with a consistent structure. From there we add a developmental theme, physical focal elements (designed to strengthen coordination, build body awareness or flexibility, and in the case of ballet and jazz classes, introduce technical elements for practice), and finally we add a magical make-believe component to tie everything together.

Our award winning and internationally recognized program for kids 16 months through the age of 6, uses an incredible assortment of props , costumes and weekly developmental themes to inspire and engage the children. We help children develop and practice social, physical, and gross motor skills, but our major focus is the FUN! Enrichment is only enriching if your child is engaged and interested in what she/he is doing!

Once your child turns 6, they transition seamlessly into the Creation Station Academy (CSA) program. This next level of Creation Station is for the dancer who wants a more formal training situation, but doesn’t feel the need to be placed in a competitive atmosphere like most other dance studios. All of the CSA classes are structured and fairly rigorous for the child wanting to bring their dancing to the next level but still maintains the fantastic developmental approach to dance. Many of our students have gone on to dance professionally, join Dance Companies and dance on Broadway, while others have just enjoyed the Creation Station Dance Program for its self esteem building attributes that stay with our students long into early adulthood.

The Creation Station philosophy lies in the belief that by combining a nurturing, non-competitive environment and encouraging kids to develop their own personal, artistic, and educational strengths, allows them to tap into their imaginations in a way that is vastly different from any other traditional dance school. Because dance classes are unregulated in the United States anyone can open up a studio and “teach” children. That is why all of the owners, directors, and teachers of Creation Station encourage parents to shop around and try many different studios before choosing one that they feel is appropriate. We feel that rather than focus too much attention on the “style” of movement that is being taught, parents should choose classes for their children based on how the instructor works with their students. Creation Station believes that if the dance program is taught well, the parent should notice an improvement in their child’s dance ability, as well as their self esteem, coordination, focus, and cognitive skills in AND outside of class! So as you tread through the vast array of enrichment classes that are out there for children through teens, please remember that these classes should be about discovering life and yourself through the arts because self expression is great for the body and the soul!